Mi Cocina

Mi Cocina (pronounced: ‘me koh-see-nah’) bills itself as serving the best in traditional Tex-Mex and interior Mexican dishes in a modern contemporary setting. The Rockwall location, the sixteenth and  latest opening  in the chain, certainly fits the modern contemporary description. In fact, it fits almost to a fault. From the white vinyl seats to the glowing acrylic and chrome furnishings, the effect is a bit jarring, reminding one more of  an uptown Manhattan martini bar than a place  to find “Mama’s Tacos” or “Nachos Locos”. But find  them you will on the pleasingly simple single-page menu, along with just the right number of food choices to suit any mood.

We began our visit with the usual cocktail of choice when dining at a Mexican restaurant – Margaritas. The frozen  margaritas were finely blended and refreshing, but a tad on the sweet side.

For starters we chose the “Ceviche de Camarones” – Shrimp, mangos, avocado, cilantro and jicama. The presentation of this refreshing appetizer was fantastic. The mango salsa marinate was delicious and gave each shrimp and jicama slice a savory appeal.

From the A la Carte menu we chose the Tamales “Pork Picoso”, a generous serving of four tamales with a zesty sauce served on the side. The sauce  was greatly appreciated as the tamales came slightly dry.

“Pork Picoso”

From the “Diana’s Favorites” section of the menu we selected the Tacos “De Brisket”. We’re not sure who Diana is, but she sure has  good taste. The brisket filling was tender and moist, perfectly seasoned.

Tacos “De Brisket”

Our server was friendly and attentive. When we asked to have our appetizer and entrees served separately, he gladly obliged, allowing us to savor our Ceviche without worrying that the entree would be cold when we got around to it.

Overall, the missteps were few and minor. Definite recommendations of the items we tried would be the brisket tacos and the ceviche,  understanding that “de Camarones” means “with shrimp”. If you are used to white fish ceviche, the more familiar kind, you might be disappointed.

If you don’t mind the decor and choose your entrees wisely, you should find your Mi Cocina experience a pleasant one.

Planet Rockwall
Restaurant Review Team

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